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Welcome to Quality Retirement & Estate Services

At Quality Retirement & Estate Services (QRES), we are committed to helping you reach your financial goals, while providing you with a facility to focus on lifetime income for retirement. Our approach to developing your financial success is both personalized and strategic, while considering each individual’s unique financial situation. Our QRES Staff utilizes products from the top Canadian suppliers in conjunction with our expertise to provide you with realistic short- term and long-term strategies that will aid you in achieving financial success.

Our commitment

Each individual has a financial goal they strive to achieve, whether it be to retire comfortably, purchase a new home, or develop an investment portfolio to plan for the future, QRES will aid you in defining and planning your goals so they become a reality. With a strong wealth of knowledge and experience, QRES is committed to building a strong financial portfolio that will last a lifetime. We believe in taking a proactive approach when it comes to your portfolio and continue to work with you as you develop priorities. What are your financial goals? Explore our services and client resources section to gain insight into your financial planning strategy.

Your financial goals are within reach!

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